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AMEComm is a full function terminal communications program for Windows. AMEComm is compatible with a number of hosts. PCTerm emulation provides full Windows connectivity to hosts running CCI Concurrent DOS and CCI Multiuser DOS (a Windows replacement for CCITERM). AMEComm has full print and file trace capabilities, multiple file transfer protocols, and multiple connection methods (direct, modem, TCP/IP).

Version 3.0.9 is the current version. Click here for the release notes. Please report any bugs to AME Support

Note: Windows XP users need to configure a default dialing rule for AMEComm to start (Phone and Modem Options in the Control Panel). Otherwise, AMEComm will indicate "Error getting translation caps. 0x8000000e The TAPI configuration information is unusable." at start up and then exits.

Note: Windows Vista, 2008, and later require a patch to use the help file. The patch can be downloaded from Microsoft. See Microsoft Knowledgebase article 917607.

Free upgrades are available to registered users of previous versions. If you are a registered user and not on our e-mail notification list, please contact us at AME Support. Please supply your name, company name, and address for verification. Also supply the current version used and approximate purchase date. We are committed to our customers and want all users to benefit from the improvements implemented in the latest version.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Terminal Emulations Including PCTerm
  • Multiple File Transfer Modes
  • Multiple Connection Methods


30 Day Trial Version
(Fully functional except for configuration save/restore)

Download (HTTP)

The demonstration is fully functional EXCEPT you can not save or restore configurations.

AMEComm Pack (Manual, CD, License) 1+ $79 US
License Only 1+ $50 US
Reseller Agreement is Available 10+ Contact us

Registration is payable to:

Analysis & Management Enterprises Corp.
PO Box 367
Melissa, TX 75454-0367

When ordering, please include complete billing name and address and ship-to name and address. Please use checks or money orders via mail. If you wish to order via mail using a credit card, please print the online order form and fill it out to ensure that all necessary information is received.

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